ELRC 15 Delaware County

Pennsylvania’s Promise for Children
Pennsylvania’s Promise for Children, known as PA Promise, is a campaign to help families make good choices about their child’s early learning and to choose quality early learning programs that are right for their family.  The Pennsylvania Office of Early Learning and Development (OCDEL) is the primary partner in PA Promise.  Click here to access resources:  

Chester County Referral & Referral Guide
A comprehensive guide to resources in the county, and information for Referral Agencies (free assistance in finding where to get help):

·      Coordinated Assessment for Individuals and Families Experiencing Homelessness (ConnectPoints)

·      Homeless Shelters and Other Case Management for the Homeless (addresses Housing Domain)

·      Rental Housing Assistance Programs (addresses Housing Domain)

·      Housing Assistance Programs (addresses Housing Domain)

·      Financial Assistance, Legal and Credit Counseling Services in Chester County (addresses Income,

·      Legal, Credit History Domains)

·      Drug & Alcohol and Mental Health Treatment Resources (addresses Mental Health and Substance  Abuse Domains)

·      Health and Medical Services in Chester County (addresses Health Care Domain)

·      Medical Insurance and Prescription Assistance Programs in Chester County (addresses Health Care Domain)

·      Transportation Resources in Chester County (addresses Mobility Domain)

·      Educational and Employment Resources in Chester County (addresses Employment, Children’s, and  Adult Education Domains)

·      Food Cupboards in Chester County (addresses Food Domain)

·      Hot Meal Programs in Chester County (addresses Food Domain)

·      Services for Seniors (addresses Health Care, Life Skills, Family Relations, and Community Involvement, and Safety Domains for Seniors)

·      Important Phone Numbers and Websites (addresses various Domains)


Early Learning GPS  

The Early Learning GPS includes questions and resources to help you think about what you want in a child care/early learning program. Create a free family account and map for your child and check out the "When your child is not with you" section in the GPS quiz. You can also compare child care programs in the "Program Checklist" tab in your child's map.

PA Safe Schools Office for Safe Schools
coordinates school safety and security programs, collection of the annual school violence statistics, coordination of anti violence efforts, and development of policies and strategies to combat school violence. The office supports and provides technical assistance and professional development programs in the following areas and security-related activities to support school safety: crisis intervention, school police training, violence prevention, and social/emotional wellness and safety provides services to all local school entities. 

A resource for parents living in the greater Delaware Valley - Philadelphia and its Pennsylvania suburbs, South Jersey and Delaware.

Main Line Parent
Parent resources and information for families in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

PA One Book, Every Young Child
Pennsylvania's One Book, Every Young Child program highlights the importance of early literacy development in preschoolers ages three to six by using one book many different ways.